Notice of Declaratory Statement

Construction Industry Licensing Board
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Construction Industry Licensing Board has issued an order disposing of the petition for declaratory statement filed by Jim Phelps, Phelps Engineering Company on November 16, 2011. The following is a summary of the agency's disposition of the petition:
The Notice of Petition for Declaratory Statement was published in Vol. 37, No. 49, of the December 9, 2011, Florida Administrative Weekly. The Board considered the Petition at a duly-noticed public meeting held on January 13, 2012. The Petitioner did not state in his request which statute the Petitioner seeks the Board to interpret. However, Petitioner appeared to be requesting an interpretation of Section 489.105(3), F.S., and whether providing and installing plastic baffle material for use in existing cooling towers requires a contractor’s license. The Board’s Order, filed on February 7, 2012, grants the Petition for Declaratory Statement. Pursuant to Section 489.105, F.S., a contractor’s license is required the installation of plastic baffle material to an existing cooling tower as described in the petition.
A copy of the Order Disposing of the Petition for Declaratory Statement may be obtained by contacting: Drew Winters, Executive Director, Construction Industry Licensing Board, Post Office Box 5257, Tallahassee, Florida 32314-5257.