Notice of Variances and Waivers

Board of Massage
64B7-25.001: Examination Requirements
The Board of Massage Therapy hereby gives notice:
Of an Order regarding the Petition for Variance for Stanley Gerome, file on December 20, 2007, with respect to the following licensure requirement that each applicant for a Massage Therapist license successfully completes a national examination approved by the Board. The Notice of Petition for Variance was published in Vol. 34, No. 1, of the January 4, 2008, Florida Administrative Weekly. The Board considered the Petition at a duly-noticed public meeting held on January 25, 2008.
The Board’s Order, filed on February 29, 2008, grants the Petition for Variance or Waiver, finding that Petitioner has complied with the requirements of Section 120.542(2) of the Florida Statutes. Specifically, Petitioner has demonstrated how the purpose of the underlying statute has been achieved. Additionally, Petitioner has demonstrated that strict application of Rule 64B7-25.001, Florida Administrative Code, would create a substantial hardship or violate principles of fairness within the meaning of Section 120.542(2), Florida Statutes. Based upon the foregoing, the Board determined that Petitioner is eligible for a waiver or variance of Rule 64B7-25.001, Florida Administrative Code.
A copy of the Order or additional information may be obtained by contacting:
Anthony Jusevitch, Executive Director, Board of Massage Therapy, 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin #C06, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3256.