Notice of Variances and Waivers

Division of Insurance Agents and Agency Services
69B-211.041: Definitions
69B-211.042: Effect of Law Enforcement Records on Applications for Licensure
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on February 22, 2010, the Department of Financial Services has issued an order.
The Order is regarding the Petition for Waiver or Variance, filed on January 13, 2010, by Shola Ayide Stephens. The Notice of Petition for Waiver or Variance was published in Vol. 36, No. 5 of the February 5, 2010 Florida Administrative Weekly. The Petitioner sought a waiver or variance from paragraphs 69B-211.042(3)(a), (4), (8)(a), (9)(a), (9)(b), (21)(n), (21)(qq) and subsection 69B-211.041(11), F.A.C., with regard to the restriction on the licensure of persons who have been found guilty of or have pled guilty or nolo contendere to a felony or a crime punishable by imprisonment of one (1) year or more. The Department’s Order denied the petition and found that the Petitioner had not demonstrated that the purposes of the underlying statute could be achieved by other means and that the application of the aforementioned rules to his circumstances would violate principles of fairness or impose a substantial hardship.
A copy of the Order may be obtained by contacting: Robyn Blank Jackson, Assistant General Counsel, Department of Financial Services, 612 Larson Building, 200 East Gaines Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399, (850)413-4269.