Notice of Change/Withdrawal

Division of Driver Licenses
Rule No. : RULE TITLE :
15A-10.001: Purpose
15A-10.002: Definitions
15A-10.003: Reciprocity
15A-10.004: Application for Licensure to Conduct a Driving Under the Influence Program
15A-10.005: Licensure: Requirements and Limitations
15A-10.006: Relinquishment of Licensure
15A-10.007: Review Board and Monitoring
15A-10.008: Organizational Structure
15A-10.009: Program Jurisdiction
15A-10.010: Operating Policies and Procedures Manual(s)
15A-10.011: Board of Directors or Advisory Committee
15A-10.012: Financial Audit
15A-10.013: Financial Procedures and Reporting Requirements
15A-10.014: Cost Standards and Allocations
15A-10.0141: Fees
15A-10.0142: Revenue Limitation
15A-10.015: Fee Waiver
15A-10.016: Ancillary Fees
15A-10.017: Personnel Policies and Procedures
15A-10.018: Client Files
15A-10.019: Client Transfers
15A-10.021: Student Conduct
15A-10.022: Personnel Certification
15A-10.0221: Clinical Supervision
15A-10.023: Education
15A-10.024: Level I Course
15A-10.025: Level II Course
15A-10.0251: Level I and Level II Combined Course
15A-10.026: Certificates of Completion and Student Status Report, HSMV Form 77057
15A-10.027: Client Evaluation
15A-10.028: Treatment Referral
15A-10.029: Special Supervision Services (SSS) and Statutory Eligibility
15A-10.030: SSS Application and Evaluation Process
15A-10.031: SSS Appeal Process
15A-10.032: SSS Case Management Plan
15A-10.033: SSS Military Leave
15A-10.034: SSS Frequency of Appointments
15A-10.035: SSS Missed Appointments
15A-10.036: SSS Violation of Restricted Licenses
15A-10.037: SSS Transfer Procedure
15A-10.038: SSS Fees
15A-10.039: SSS Referrals to Treatment
15A-10.040: Case Monitoring Services
15A-10.041: Denial, Suspension or Revocation of a DUI Program License or Personnel Certification
15A-10.042: Complaints
15A-10.043: Forms
Notice is hereby given that the above rule, as noticed in Vol. 36 No. 48, December 3, 2010 issue of the Florida Administrative Weekly has been withdrawn.