Notice of Change/Withdrawal

63D-8.001: Definitions
Notice is hereby given that the following changes have been made to the proposed rule in accordance with subparagraph 120.54(3)(d)1., F.S., published in Vol. 36 No. 12, March 26, 2010 issue of the Florida Administrative Weekly.

63D-8.001 Definitions.

For the purpose of Chapters 63D-9 through 63D-12 F.A.C., the following terms are defined as follows:

(1) through (13) No change.

(14) Multidisciplinary Assessment – An information gathering exercise designed to ensure that youth being considered for commitment are placed in a delinquency program that provides an appropriate level of supervision and treatment services.

(15)(14) Positive Achievement Change Tool (PACT) – The primary assessment instrument used by the JPO to determine the youth’s risk to re-offend and identify criminogenic needs that require intervention. The Pre-Screen is completed and maintained for all youth who are referred to the department. The Full Assessment is completed and maintained for all youth who have been placed under the jurisdiction of the department by the court and have been identified as moderate-high or high risk to re-offend by the Pre-Screen.

(16)(15) PACT Mental Health and Substance Abuse Screening Report and Referral Form – The form used by the JPO to refer the youth for a Comprehensive Assessment whenever the results of the PACT Pre-Screen indicate further assessment is required.

(17)(16) Post-commitment probation (PCP) – Assessment and intervention services provided to youth who are released from residential commitment programs. Under the legal status of post-commitment probation, the youth is legally transferred from commitment status to probation status, and is subject to court-ordered sanctions.

(18)(17) Preliminary Screening – The gathering of preliminary information to be used to determine a youth’s need for further evaluation or assessment or for referral for other substance abuse services through means such as psychosocial interviews, urine and breathalyzer screenings, and reviews of available educational, delinquency and dependency records of the youth.

(19)(18) Probation – Assessment and intervention services provided to youth who are court-ordered to community supervision after the court has determined that the youth committed a delinquent act.

(20)(19) Probation Medical and Mental Health Clearance Form – The form used to screen for mental health, substance abuse and medical problems when law enforcement delivers a youth to the department upon apprehension. The purpose of the form is to comply with statutory requirements for diverting youth to the proper community resource if they require urgent treatment or intervention upon arrest. The form (HS 051, May 2010 January 2008) is incorporated, and is accessible electronically at: services.

(21) Progressive Response System – A written plan developed in each circuit, in consultation with judges, state attorneys and public defenders, that describes in detail a methodology for responding when youth under supervision violate a condition of their probation. These plans are based upon the principle that sanctions should be based upon the need to ensure public safety, the assessed criminogenic needs and risks of the youth, and how effective the sanction will be in moving the youth to compliant behavior.

(22)(20) Suicide Risk Screening Instrument (SRSI) – A form that documents the standardized questions asked by trained, designated staff upon a youth’s intake into the juvenile justice system, and upon admission to a detention center, to identify suicide risk factors and the need for referral for assessment of suicide risk.

(23)(21) Violation of supervision – A noncompliant act committed by a youth that violates the conditions of the probation or post-commitment probation court order.

(24)(22) Youth-Empowered Success (YES) Plan – The document developed by the youth, parent(s)/guardians(s), and JPO to plan for the completion of court-ordered sanctions and address criminogenic needs.

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