Notice of Change/Withdrawal

Health Facility and Agency Licensing
59A-3.253: Investigations and License, Life Safety and Validation Inspections
Notice is hereby given that the following changes have been made to the proposed rule in accordance with subparagraph 120.54(3)(d)1., F.S., published in Vol.32,No.11, March 17, 2006 issue of the Florida Administrative Weekly.

The proposed language that provided facilities with exemption from penalty during the time that an Internet site is not functional has been deleted as there was no statutory authority for that exemption.  Proposed language related to penalties has been deleted since statutory language provides sufficient criteria.  Clarification has been added to indicate that the data will appear on the Agency for Health Care Administration webpage.  Changes are made on the basis of comments and recommendations received from the Joint Administrative Procedures Committee review of the proposed rule and from affected hospitals.




59A-3.253 Investigations and License, Life Safety and Validation Inspections.

(1) through (9) No change.

(10) DATA COLLECTION. – All hospitals shall comply with the agency requirements for data submission as authorized under Section 395.1055, F.S., Chapter 408, F.S., and Chapter 732, F.S.  This data, which does not have to be resubmitted to the agency's hospital licensing office as a provision of this part, includes:

(a) Certificate of need reviews required under Sections 408.031 through 408.045, F.S., and at such intervals as required by Chapter 59C-1, F.A.C.;

(b) Quality of care patient outcome data as required by Sections 408.02(3) and paragraph 395.1055(1)(g)(j), F.S., and as mandated by rules adopted by the agency.

(c) Completion of the Specialty Care and Referrals Report, as required by rules adopted by the agency; and

(d) Each hospital shall submit a quarterly report to the agency summarizing the number of requests made by the hospital for organ donation in accordance with Chapter 732, F.S.

(e) All hospitals shall make available on their Internet websites a description of and link to the Agency for Health Care Administration webpage which contains the hospital patient charge and performance outcome data that is collected pursuant to s. 408.061(1) and, if requested, hospitals shall provide a hard copy of the description and the link.

Specific Authority 395.0161, 395.1055 FS. Law Implemented 395.001, 395.003, 395.0161, 395.1055, 408.035, 408.036 FS. History–New 9-4-95, Formerly 59A-3.204, Amended________.


NAME OF PERSON ORIGINATING PROPOSED RULE: Bill McCort, Bureau of Health Facility Regulation, Division of Health Quality Assurance