Notice of Change/Withdrawal

14-51.010: Purpose
14-51.011: Definitions
14-51.012: Trailblazing Signs
14-51.013: Sign Evaluation Process
14-51.014: General Criteria
14-51.020: Supplemental Guide Signs
14-51.021: General Service Signs
14-51.030: Supplemental Guide Signs
14-51.031: General Services Signs
14-51.040: Exclusions
14-51.041: Criteria for Unincorporated Areas
14-51.042: Sign Characteristics
14-51.043: Customized Place Name Signs
14-51.051: Standards
14-51.052: Design
14-51.053: Installation
14-51.054: Informational Guide Signs
14-51.061: TODS Program Implementation
14-51.062: General Criteria for TODS on the SHS
14-51.063: TODS Location and Placement
14-51.064: Trailblazers
14-51.065: Design
Notice is hereby given that the following changes have been made to the proposed rule in accordance with subparagraph 120.54(3)(d)1., F.S., published in Vol. 36 No. 41, October 15, 2010 issue of the Florida Administrative Weekly.

In response to comments from the Joint Administrative Procedures Committee, Rule Chapter 14-51, F.A.C., is being amended to replace all references to “rule” with “rule chapter” and “should” to “shall”, remove the definition of “attraction”, and amend the table in Rule 14-51.014, F.A.C., to address the minimum spacing requirement for signs in speed zones less than 25 mph. In addition the following language has been modified:

14-51.011(16) “Pictograph” means a pictorial representation used to identify a governmental jurisdiction, an area of jurisdiction, a governmental agency, a military base or branch of service, a governmental-approved university or college, a toll payment system, or a government-approved institution the distinctive use of color(s), symbol(s), or copy as a brand identifier for Wayfinding Sign system areas and attractions. They are non-commercial graphics as opposed to commercial logos.

14-51.013(8) Destinations signed prior to the effective date implementation of this rule chapter shall not be subject to the requirements of this rule chapter.

14-51.013(9) Signs may be approved by the Department for installation by the Department for research and evaluation purposes only. The research and evaluation studies are the responsibility of the applicant and at a minimum shall include trip generation, origin and destination studies, i.e. entrance and exit locations, specific route, u-turns and last minute lane changes to help determine the safety impact. These studies shall be signed and sealed by a professional engineer registered in the state of Florida If the Department determines that it would be appropriate to allow evaluation of the temporary installation to become permanent is that to allow same on a permanent basis would be appropriate then the rule will be revised accordingly.

Rule 14-51.020(3)(g) has been amended to read “Certified Florida Farm Wineries shall be eligible for signing pursuant to Section 599.004, F.S. The Florida Farm Winery logo panel with supplemental name panel shall be installed based on space availability. There is a fee associated with this signing.”

The title of Part IV has been changed to “PLACE NAME SIGNS ON NON-LIMITED ACCESS FACILITIES.”

14-51.051(5) Existing community wayfinding guide signs that were installed on the state highway system prior to this rule becoming effective March 31, 2006, as part of the local governments approved wayfinding guide sign system shall be allowed to remain or be replaced until the local governments approves a new community wayfinding guide sign system is approved by the local government and designed and installed in accordance with this rule chapter.

14-51.052(3) A minimum contrast value of legend color to background color for community wayfinding guide signs shall be at least of 70 percent is required for community wayfinding guide signs (ADA minimum contrast value).