Notice of Change/Withdrawal

33-503.001: Chaplaincy Services
Notice is hereby given that the following correction has been made to the proposed rule in Vol. 37 No. 30, July 29, 2011 issue of the Florida Administrative Weekly.

To comply with the requirements of Chapter 2011-225, Laws of Florida, the Summary of Statement of Estimated Regulatory Costs is amended to include a description of information expressly relied upon in determining that the rule is not expected to require legislative ratification. The amended statement reads as follows:

The agency has determined that this rule will not have an adverse impact on small business and is not likely to directly or indirectly increase regulatory costs by more than $200,000 within one year of taking effect. A SERC has not been prepared by the agency. Based on information provided by Chaplaincy Services indicating that the proposed changes only affect the internal operations of Department facilities, will not require any additional training or increase regulatory costs, and will have no impact on small business, the rule is not expected to require legislative ratification. Any person who wishes to provide information regarding the statement of estimated regulatory costs, or to provide a proposal for a lower cost regulatory alternative must do so in writing within 21 days of this notice.