Notice of Proposed Water Quality Study (PERMIT NUMBER FL0020451)

The Department of Environmental Protection gives notice of the intent of Panama City to conduct a study of water quality of St. Andrew Bay, located in Bay County, Florida. The water quality study will be conducted in accordance with the Plan of Study approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in accordance with Rule 62-650, Florida Administrative Code. The purpose of the study is to use a coupled hydrodynamic/water quality modeling framework to assess water quality impacts to establish Water Quality Based Effluent Limits (WQBEL) associated with the proposed expanded effluent discharge from Panama City’s St. Andrews Wastewater Treatment Plant to St. Andrew Bay. Other known affected dischargers include Panama City Millville WWTP FL0170909, City of Lynn Haven WWTP FL0169978, Panama City Beach WWTP FL0021512, Bay County Regional WWTP FL0167959, Bay County Military Point Lagoon FL0002631, and Gulf Power Plant Lansing Smith FL0002267.

The Plan of Study is available for public inspection Monday through Friday, except for legal holidays, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at:

        Department of Environmental Protection, Room 238, Bob Martinez Center, 2600 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400;

        Department of Environmental Protection, Northwest District Office, 160 Governmental Center, Pensacola, Florida 32502-5794; and,

        Department of Environmental Protection, Northwest District Panama City Branch Office, 2353 Jenks Avenue, Panama City, Florida 32405.

Interested parties should review the Plan of Study and offer their comments in writing within 14 days of publication of this notice to: Mr. Bill Evans, Domestic Wastewater Permitting Section, Supervisor, Northwest District Office, Department of Environmental Protection, 160 Government Street, Pensacola, Florida 32502-5794 or e-mail: bill.evans@dep.state.fl.us.