Bobcat Trail Community Development District

The Bobcat Trail Community Development District hereby gives notice of its intention to develop a Rule relating to inspection of public records under Section 190.011, Florida Statutes.

The purpose of and effect of the proposed Rule would establish charges for gathering and copying records, providing definitions; providing procedures for payment of such fees; and providing an effective date. The effect will be a clear delineation of costs related to time and copy charges. Specific legal authority for the Rule includes Section 190.035(1), 120.54, 190.011, Florida Statutes.

A public hearing will be conducted by the Board of Supervisors of the Bobcat Trail Community Development District on Thursday, the 5th day of April, 2007, beginning at 6:00 p.m., in the Bobcat Trail Golf Club, 1350 Bobcat Trail, North Port, Florida.

Any person desiring a copy of the preliminary draft of the proposed rule may promptly obtain a copy, without cost, by contacting the District office, 210 N. University Drive, Suite 800, Coral Springs, Florida 33071.