Notice of Bid/Request for Proposal

BID NO. BDC 23-10/11 Lake Kissimmee State Park-Cow Camp Bridge Replacement


BID NO.: BDC 23-10/11

The Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Recreation and Parks, Bureau of Design and Construction is soliciting formal competitive bids from Florida Department of Transportation prequalified bridge contractors (Minor Bridge Work Class). Only bids from Florida Department of Transportation prequalified bridge contractors (Minor Bridge Work Class) will be accepted. Contractors will need to have built a minimum of three projects in the past three years of the Minor Bridge Work Class. Documentation for experience evaluation will be included in bid specifications.

PROJECT NAME: Lake Kissimmee State Park-Cow Camp Bridge Replacement

SCOPE OF WORK: The Contractor shall provide the necessary labor, materials, equipment, and supervision required to construct erosion control mechanisms, remove existing bridge structure and construct new bridge with a three span concrete bridge, concrete flat slab construction founded on concrete pre-stressed piles according to the plans and specifications.

Pursuant to Executive Order 07-126 and Section 255.252(3), F.S. the Department requires the proposed project be designed and constructed in accordance with green building standards where applicable.

PROJECT BUDGET: $250,000.00

PARK LOCATION: Lake Kissimmee State Park, off SR 60 15 miles N. E. of Lake Wales in Polk County, Florida.

PROJECT MANAGER: Michael W. Foster, Jr. P.E., Bureau of Design and Construction, Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park, 3540 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32309, Telephone: (850)488-5372, Fax: (850)488-1141.

INSTRUCTIONS: Any firm desiring a Project Manual for this project may obtain a copy by writing to the address or calling the telephone number below. A Compact Disk (CD) containing the plans and specifications will be available on December 17, 2010, Lake Kissimmee State Park (Administration), 14248 Camp Mack Road, Lake Wales, Florida 33898, Attention: Joel (Andy) Noland, Park Manager, Telephone: (863)696-1112, Fax: (863)696-2656.

NOTICE TO ALL VENDORS: All bid solicitations are subject to change. It is the responsibility of the vendor to verify with the Department of Management Services, Vendor Bid System website for any future addendums, questions, revisions, etc., prior to the bid opening. Failure to do so will be the sole responsibility of the vendor. Addenda will be posted only on the Vendor Bid System website. Addenda will not be sent directly to plan holders, except in limited circumstances and at the discretion of the Department. When the Department determines that circumstances warrant sending addenda directly to plan holders, a notice will be posted on the website notifying vendors that addenda have been sent. Addenda must be acknowledged and included in each vendor’s bid package. Failure to include acknowledged addenda in the bid package is grounds for disqualification of the vendor’s bid.

MINORITY BUSINESS REQUIREMENT: The Department of Environmental Protection supports diversity in its Procurement Program and requests that all sub-contracting opportunities afforded by this bid embrace diversity enthusiastically. The award of sub-contracts should reflect the full diversity of the citizens of the State of Florida. The Department will be glad to furnish a list of Minority Owned Firms that could be offered sub-contracting opportunities.

PREQUALIFICATION: When the total Bid including Alternates exceeds $200,000, each Bidder whose field is governed by Chapter 399, 455, 489 or 633, Florida Statutes, for licensure or certification, must submit the following prequalification data of their eligibility to submit bids 240 hours (10 days) PRIOR TO the Bid Opening date, unless the Bidder has been previously qualified by the Department of Environmental Protection for the current biennium (July 1-June 30) of odd numbered years in accordance with subsection 60D-5.004(2), F.A.C., as evidenced by a letter from DEP to the Bidder, which letter shall be presented to DEP upon request. If the Department requires clarification or additional information, Bidder shall submit such information by 120 hours (5 days) prior to Bid Opening. Material submitted after those deadlines shall disqualify the Bidder.

ADA REQUIREMENTS: Any person with a qualified disability shall not be denied equal access and effective communication regarding any bid/proposal documents or the attendance at any related meeting or bid/proposal opening. If accommodations are needed because of disability, please contact: Michael Renard, Bureau of Design and Construction, (850)488-5372 at least five (5) workdays prior to openings. If you are hearing or speech impaired, please contact the Florida Relay Services by calling 1(800)955-8771 (TDD) or 1(800)955-8770 (Voice).

BID SUBMITTAL DUE DATE: No later than 4:00 p.m. (ET), Tuesday, January 18, 2011 to the below address: Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Design and Construction, 3540 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32309, Attention: Michael Renard, Construction Projects Administrator, Bureau of Design and Construction, (850)488-5372. The Department reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

BID POSTING DATE: No later than 2:00 p.m. (ET), Tuesday, January 25, 2011 unless extended by the Department for good cause.

NOTICE OF RIGHTS: Notice of Intent to Protest the Bid Specifications must be filed with (received by) the Agency Clerk, Lea Crandall, Department of Environmental Protection, Office of General Counsel, MS 35, 3900 Commonwealth Blvd., Tallahassee FL 32399-3000, (850)245-2242, Fax: (850)245-2303, during the 72-hour period after Bid Specifications are posted on the Vendor Bid System. Failure to file a Notice of Intent to Protest or a formal, written Protest in accordance with Chapter 28-110, F.A.C., within ten days after the 72-hour period ends, as prescribed in Section 120.57(3), Florida Statutes, shall constitute a waiver of your right to an administrative hearing on the Bid Specifications under Chapter 120, Florida Statutes. Rules for bid protests can be found in Sections 120.569 and 120.57, F.S., and Chapter 28-110, Florida Administrative Code. A bid protester shall comply with these statutes and rules.