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Water Treatment


The School Board of Pinellas County, Florida will receive sealed bids in the Purchasing Department of the School Board of Pinellas County, Florida 301 – Fourth Street S.W., Largo, Florida 33770-3536 until 3:00 p.m. (Local Time), on 12/1/11, for the purpose of selecting a Contractor for supplying all labor, material, and ancillary services required for the scope listed below.

SEALED BID NO.: 12-962-100

BID TITLE: Water Treatment

DUE DATE/TIME: December 1, 2011, 3:00 p.m. E.T.

SCOPE OF PROJECT: The purpose and intent of this invitation to bid are to select Water Treatment Contractor to provide and deliver all necessary chemicals, materials, equipment, labor and services to establish and implement a water treatment program for industrial cooling water systems and chilled water systems, county wide and to and to secure firm, net pricing for the contract period as specified herein.

BID & PERFORMANCE SECURITY: Bid and Performance Security is required with this bid


The following items are required with your proposal for bid evaluation.

A.    Understanding of Task and Proposed Plan. In a written narrative form, the Bidder shall define and describe the water treatment chemicals, techniques, administrative and test procedures, as well as the services to be provided. These descriptions are to be specific for the systems covered and not a generalized theory of water treatment. The Bidder must provide sufficient documentation to demonstrate that the services and program being offered meet the requirements of this bid. Provide number of certified water treatment reps and their resumes.

B.    Bidders Experience. The bidder should provide documented evidence that the prime and sub-contractors have a business license under the same legal entity for a period of four (4) continuous years prior to this bid. “Legal entity” is defined as the same company, corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship, or a separate company, corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship that is a successor-in-interest to the previous entity. In the case of a separate, successor-in-interest entity, that entity must have maintained a business license for a period of four (4) continuous years prior to this bid.”

C.    Qualification of Personnel. The Bidder shall provide sufficient documentation, including diplomas, to demonstrate qualification of all personnel who will provide services for the district’s water treatment program.

D.    Unit Costs. The Bidder shall specify the cost of chemical treatment per open loop and per closed loop to be used in calculating the unit cost of adding or deleting systems from the base contract price. Pricing data shall include, as a minimum: proposed cycles of concentration, annual gallons evaporated, annual gallons makeup, tower re-circulation rate, products and cost per year, total chemical costs per year, equipment cost per year and total cooling water costs per year. Bidder shall also include cost of water softener service per system. Price shall include delivery of salt and equipment maintenance.

E.    Site Visits. The Bidder shall visit all sites listed in the bid and inspect equipment and systems to be treated. The signature from either the Head Plant Operator (HPO) or the Principal shall be obtained as proof of each site visit. The Bidder shall make an inspection of the system to determine the condition of the equipment prior to implementation of the Bidder’s water treatment program. Inspections shall be made at a time that will not interfere with scheduled classroom activities as determined by the Owner. A summary report of inspection results shall be provided. HPO or Principal name shall be typed or printed.

F.     Safety Training Program. Respondent shall submit a statement fully describing any safety programs currently in place, methods of training, and evidence that representatives receive up to date training.

The following items are requested with your proposal for bid evaluation.

G.    References. This Bidder shall provide written references from at least five (5) customers, three (3) of which shall be in Florida, to which the Bidder provides a water treatment program similar to the one required by this specification. These references shall include the customer name, the name and title of the signing individual, with mailing address and telephone number. The references shall contain the names of persons with sufficient knowledge of their facilities and water treatment programs.

H.    Chemical Delivery. The Bidder shall provide proof of the ability to deliver safe chemical containers with a lift gate truck with secondary containment.

I.     Product Stewardship Program. The Bidder shall submit proof of its established and ongoing “Product Stewardship” program, as defined by the Chemical Manufacturers Association.

J.     Quality Assurance (QA) Program. The Bidder shall supply evidence with its proposal that it has a quality assurance program in place certifying that all products are tested for proper ingredients.

K.    ISO – 9000. The Bidder’s water treatment program shall be ISO 9000 certified. The Bidder shall submit a copy of the certificate of compliance and a copy of the ISO-9000 program manual and supporting documentation.

L.    Laboratory Certification. The Bidder shall submit the name and address of the laboratory and evidence of this laboratory and staff's capability to support the district’s water treatment program.

M.   Chemist. Respondent shall submit name and address of chemist. Include copy of diploma and resume of Chemist’s staff.

N.    Service Representatives Contact Information. The Bidder shall provide the names, pager numbers and cell phone numbers of the assigned Service Representatives for both normal and emergency service.

O.    Product Data and Chemical List. The Bidder shall provide a complete list of all products and chemicals to be used. The Bidder shall also provide product bulletins and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all products and chemicals to be used in the treatment program. No system shall be treated with any chemical or compound for which there is no test procedure.

P.     Exclusion of Proprietary Pollutants. The Bidder shall submit a notarized letter stating that the products to be used do not contain any of the known priority pollutants.

PRE-BID CONFERENCE: A pre-bid conference will be held at the Walter Pownall Service Center, 11111 S. Belcher Road, Largo, Florida 33773-5210, in the Royal Palm Conference Room, October 31, 2011, 10:00 a.m. (Please sign in at the front desk, you will then be escorted to the Conference Room for the “official sign-in” sheet for this bid). Attendance at this pre-bid conference is MANDATORY in order for all potential bidders to receive the benefit of answers to theirs and other’s technical questions first hand. If you are not the prime bidder but are attending on behalf of someone else, please make note of this when signing the attendance roster where indicated. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but it is imperative that all information be disseminated in a public forum with all potential bidders present to minimize confusion or misunderstandings. Additions or changes to the original bid documents resulting from this conference of a material nature, will be documented in the form of written addenda and distributed to all attendees. Please note that if you are late to this mandatory pre-bid conference you will not be eligible to sign the attendance roster and therefore may not submit a bid. You may still, however, attend the conference if you wish.

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The Owner reserves the right to reject all bids.


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