Rule Chapter: 69O-189
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69O-189.003 Workers' Compensation: Application and Audit Procedures 12/26/2019
Rule file 69O-189.004 Deviation Filing Information 3/29/2005
Rule file 69O-189.0055 Records and Reports of Information by Workers' Compensation Insurers Required 12/24/2003
Rule file 69O-189.006 Guidelines for Large Deductible Workers' Compensation Filings 6/4/1992
Rule file 69O-189.007 Insurer Experience Reporting - Excessive Profits, Workers' Compensation Insurance (Repealed) 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-189.010 Workers' Compensation Insurance Dividend Plans Defined 6/4/1992
Rule file 69O-189.011 Cancellation - Workers' Compensation Insurance 6/4/1992
Rule file 69O-189.013 Workers' Compensation Excess Insurance Rates 6/4/1992
Rule file 69O-189.015 Workers' Compensation Insurer Reporting of Significant Underwriting Change 7/25/2005
Rule file 69O-189.016 Filing Procedures for Workers' Compensation Classifications, Rules, Rates, Rating Plans, Deviations and Forms 6/1/2006