Rule Chapter: 69O-186
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69O-186.002 Approved Form 1/27/2002
Rule file 69O-186.003 Title Insurance Rates 1/27/2002
Rule file 69O-186.004 Classification of "Certificates of Title" as a Respective Type of Title Insurance Contract and Promulgation of a Specific Rate Schedule Applicable Thereto 2/26/1990
Rule file 69O-186.005 Premium Schedule Applicable to "Truth in Lending" and Other Endorsements 11/3/2005
Rule file 69O-186.007 Title Insurance Limited to Coverage of Real Property 6/25/1986
Rule file 69O-186.008 Escrow Requirements 1/27/2002
Rule file 69O-186.009 Reconciliation of Escrow Accounts 2/26/1990
Rule file 69O-186.010 Insurer's Assumption of Certain Liabilities (Repealed) 10/25/2016
Rule file 69O-186.013 Title Insurance Statistical Gathering: Licensed Agencies and Florida Retail Officers of Direct-Writing Title Insurance Underwriters 2/19/2020
Rule file 69O-186.014 Title Insurance Statistical Gathering-Title Insurance Underwriters 12/19/2023
Rule file 69O-186.015 Title Insurance Agency Collateral Substitution 4/29/1996
Rule file 69O-186.017 Certificate of Mortgage Release (Repealed) 3/16/2008