Rule Chapter: 69L-56
Chapter Title: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Requirements for Proof of Coverage and Claims (Non-Medical) Add to MyFLRules Favorites
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69L-56.001 Forms and Instructions 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.002 Definitions 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.100 Proof of Coverage (POC) Electronic Reporting Requirements 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.110 Technical Requirements for POC EDI Transmissions 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.200 Policy Cancellation or Non-Renewal Requirements 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.205 Policy Reporting Requirements for Employee Leasing Companies 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.210 Time Periods for Filing Electronic Policy Information 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.300 Claims EDI Reporting Requirements and Implementation Schedules 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.301 Electronic First Report of Injury or Illness 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.3012 Electronic Notice of Denial and Rescinded Denial 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.3013 Electronic Periodic Claim Cost Reports 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.304 Electronic Notice of Action or Change, Including Change in Claims Administration, Required by the Insurer's Primary Implementation Schedule 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.3045 Electronic Notice of Action or Change, Suspensions, and Reinstatement of Indemnity Benefits Required by Insurer's Secondary Implementation Guide 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.307 Electronic Cancellation of Claim 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.310 Technical Requirements for Claims EDI Transmissions 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.320 Claims EDI Test and Production Status Requirements 1/7/2007
Rule file 69L-56.330 Electronic Formats for Reporting the Employee's 8th Day of Disability and the Claim Administrator's Knowledge of 8th Day of Disability (Repealed) 5/17/2009
Rule file 69L-56.401 First Report of Injury or Illness: Employer's Responsibility to Record and Report Accidents 6/30/2014
Rule file 69L-56.4011 First Report of Injury or Illness: Claim Administrator's Responsibility to Record and Report Accidents 6/30/2014
Rule file 69L-56.4012 Notice of Denial 6/30/2014
Rule file 69L-56.4013 Claim Cost Report 6/30/2014
Rule file 69L-56.402 Electronic Filing of Workers' Compensation Forms 6/30/2014
Rule file 69L-56.404 Notice of Action/Change 6/30/2014
Rule file 69L-56.500 Insurer Responsibilities Where Third Party Services Are Utilized 1/7/2007