Rule Chapter: 65C-28
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 65C-28.001 Definitions 5/8/2016
Rule file 65C-28.002 Family Time 5/8/2016
Rule file 65C-28.003 Medical Treatment 5/8/2016
Rule file 65C-28.004 Comprehensive Placement Assessment 5/20/2021
Rule file 65C-28.005 Changing Placements 5/8/2016
Rule file 65C-28.006 Permanency Staffings 5/8/2016
Rule file 65C-28.007 Voluntary Licensed Out-of-Home Care 5/8/2016
Rule file 65C-28.008 Relative Caregiver Program Requirements 11/11/2018
Rule file 65C-28.009 Transition to Adulthood 7/29/2019
Rule file 65C-28.010 Minor Parents in the Custody of the Department 5/8/2016
Rule file 65C-28.011 Criminal, Delinquency and Abuse/Neglect History Checks for Release to a Parent, Placement with a Relative and Non-Relative and Approval of Informal Safety Management Providers 11/25/2020
Rule file 65C-28.012 Other Parent Home Assessment and Home Studies for Relative and Non-Relative Placements 5/8/2016
Rule file 65C-28.013 Indian Child Welfare Act 1/12/2020
Rule file 65C-28.014 Behavioral Health Services 5/8/2016
Rule file 65C-28.015 Residential Mental Health Treatment 12/3/2019
Rule file 65C-28.016 Psychotropic Medications (Repealed) 12/14/2010
Rule file 65C-28.017 Exit Interviews 5/4/2006
Rule file 65C-28.018 Meeting the Child's Educational Needs 2/14/2019
Rule file 65C-28.019 Normalcy 5/8/2016
Rule file 65C-28.020 Fingerprint Exemptions for Household Members 4/7/2019
Rule file 65C-28.021 Qualified Residential Treatment Programs 5/23/2021