Rule Chapter: 64B15-6
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64B15-6.001 Definitions 7/13/2003
Rule file 64B15-6.002 Application for Licensure (Repealed) 10/21/2015
Rule file 64B15-6.003 Physician Assistant Licensure 6/12/2022
Rule file 64B15-6.0031 Change in Employment Status (Repealed) 12/6/2021
Rule file 64B15-6.0035 Physician Assistant Licensure Renewal and Reactivation 3/10/2022
Rule file 64B15-6.00365 Dispensing Drugs 3/26/2006
Rule file 64B15-6.0037 Requirements and Limitations of Prescribing Privileges (Repealed) 7/23/2019
Rule file 64B15-6.0038 Formulary 3/10/2022
Rule file 64B15-6.004 Requirements for Approval of Training Programs 12/6/2021
Rule file 64B15-6.006 Advertising 4/26/2004
Rule file 64B15-6.010 Physician Assistant Performance 7/19/2016
Rule file 64B15-6.0105 Notice of Noncompliance 12/6/2021
Rule file 64B15-6.01051 Citation Authority 12/6/2021
Rule file 64B15-6.011 Disciplinary Guidelines 12/6/2021
Rule file 64B15-6.0112 Standard Terms Applicable to Orders 11/11/2007
Rule file 64B15-6.0113 Probation Variables 11/11/2007
Rule file 64B15-6.013 Physician Assistant Fees 3/22/2023
Rule file 64B15-6.014 Mediation 11/30/2005
Rule file 64B15-6.015 Disclosure of Licensure Status 7/11/2007