Rule Chapter: 12D-10
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 12D-10.001 Composition of Value Adjustment Board (Repealed) 3/30/2010
Rule file 12D-10.002 Appointment and Employment of Special Magistrates (Repealed) 3/30/2010
Rule file 12D-10.003 Powers, Authority, Duties and Functions of Value Adjustment Board 3/30/2010
Rule file 12D-10.004 Receipt of Taxpayer's Petition to Be Acknowledged (Repealed) 3/30/2010
Rule file 12D-10.0044 Uniform Procedures for Hearings; Procedures for Information and Evidence Exchange Between the Petitioner and Property Appraiser, Consistent with Section 194.032, F.S.; Organizational Meeting; Uniform Procedures to be Available to Petitioners (Repealed) 3/30/2010
Rule file 12D-10.005 Duty of Clerk to Prepare and Transmit Record (Repealed) 3/30/2010
Rule file 12D-10.006 Public Notice of Findings and Results of Value Adjustment Board (Repealed) 3/30/2010