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Rule Title: Operating Procedures
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Division: Division of Funeral, Cemetery, and Consumer Services
Chapter: Cinerator Facilities

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VIEW_RULE Effective Date: 2/5/2007
History Notes: Rulemaking Authority 497.103(1)(n), (5)(a), 497.606, 497.607 FS. Law Implemented 497.103(1)(n), 497.606, 497.607 FS. History–New 6-26-85, Amended 10-16-85, Formerly 21J-22.04, 21J-22.004, Amended 11-20-96, Formerly 61G8-22.004, Amended 2-5-07.
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History of this Rule since Jan. 6, 2006
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Operating Procedures 3519662 Effective:
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Section 497.608(2), F.S., requires cinerator facilities to establish written procedures for the removal of cremated remains and to file such procedures with the Board. Section 497.608(2), F.S., also authorizes the Board .... 3182102 11/22/2006
Vol. 32/47
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The proposed amendments update Rule 69K-22.004. Rule 69K-22.007 implements Section 497.607(2), F.S., by adopting a standard procedure for the removal of cremated remains that can be used by cinerator facilities in lieu of .... 722667 9/29/2006
Vol. 32/39
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Operating Procedures 2734156 Effective: