Department: 60
60 : Department of Management Services

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Div. No. Division Name
60ADivision of Purchasing
60AACorrectional Privatization Commission
60BDivision of Motor Pool
60BBAgency for Workforce Innovation
60CDivision of Communications
60CCPublic Employees Relations Commission
60DDivision of Building Construction
60DDState Technology Office
60EBlind and Handicapped Purchasing Commission
60EEEnterprise Information Technology Services
60FCapitol Center Planning Commission
60FFTechnology Program
60FF1E911 Board
60FF2First Net
60GGovernor's Mansion Commission
60GGDivision of State Technology
60HDivision of Facilities Management
60IInformation Technology Resource Procurement Advisory Council
60JJoint Task Force on State Agency Law Enforcement Communications
60KCareer Service System
60LPersonnel Management System
60MSelected Exempt Service
60NSenior Management Service
60PDivision of State Employees' Insurance
60QDivision of Administrative Hearings
60RState Retirement Commission
60SDivision of Retirement
60TDivision of Retirement - Local Retirement
60UDivision of Retirement - Optional Retirement Program
60VSenior Management Service Optional Annuity Program
60WIFAS Supplemental Benefit Program
60XDivision of Retirement - Social Security
60YCommission on Human Relations
60ZDivision of Retirement - Municipal Pension Trust Funds