Rule Chapter: 74-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 74-1.001 Purpose and Applicability; Definitions (Transferred) 8/1/2016
Rule file 74-1.002 Risk and Complexity Assessment (Transferred) 7/16/2015
Rule file 74-1.003 Initiation (Transferred) 8/1/2016
Rule file 74-1.004 Planning (Transferred) 8/1/2016
Rule file 74-1.005 Execution (Transferred) 8/1/2016
Rule file 74-1.006 Monitoring and Controlling (Transferred) 8/1/2016
Rule file 74-1.007 Closeout (Transferred) 8/1/2016
Rule file 74-1.008 Compliance with the Florida Information Technology Project Management and Oversight Standards (Transferred) 7/16/2015
Rule file 74-1.009 Agency for State Technology (AST) Oversight (Transferred) 8/1/2016