Rule Chapter: 6E-2
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 6E-2.001 Approved Applicant Status 2/20/2006
Rule file 6E-2.002 Institutional Licensure 10/22/2013
Rule file 6E-2.004 Standards and Procedures for Licensure 2/20/2024
Rule file 6E-2.0041 Delivery of Programs Through Nontraditional Assessments, Modes and Methods 7/23/2007
Rule file 6E-2.0042 Medical Clinical Clerkship Programs 5/18/2005
Rule file 6E-2.0061 Actions Against A Licensee; Penalties 7/10/2006
Rule file 6E-2.008 Approval of Modifications 5/24/2004
Rule file 6E-2.0081 Change of Ownership or Control 4/2/2003
Rule file 6E-2.009 Closing an Institution 5/5/2020
Rule file 6E-2.010 Agents 4/2/2003