Rule Chapter: 6D-7
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 6D-7.002 Academic (Repealed) 2/18/2013
Rule file 6D-7.006 Student Progression Plan and Requirements for Graduation (Repealed) 2/18/2013
Rule file 6D-7.007 Code of Student Conduct 9/2/2018
Rule file 6D-7.0071 Student Rights and Responsibilities (Repealed) 9/2/2018
Rule file 6D-7.0072 Grounds for Disciplinary Action (Repealed) 2/18/2013
Rule file 6D-7.0073 Disciplinary Procedures and Disposition 9/2/2018
Rule file 6D-7.009 Annual Report of School Progress 9/8/1985
Rule file 6D-7.010 Educational Requirements for Application, Suspension, and Reinstatement of a Driver's License (Repealed) 2/18/2013