Rule Chapter: 6C9-4
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 6C9-4.001 Perquisites and Benefits (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C9-4.003 Meritorious Service Awards Program (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C9-4.015 Sexual Harassment (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C9-4.021 Appointment Procedures for University Support Personnel System (USPS) Employees (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C9-4.025 Non-reappointment and Resignation of University of North Florida Administrative and Professional Staff (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C9-4.026 Grievance Procedure - Non-Unit Faculty and Administrative and Professional Employees (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C9-4.027 Discipline and Termination for Cause of Non-unit Faculty and Administrative and Professional Employees (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C9-4.030 Conflict of Interest (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C9-4.031 Outside Employment (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C9-4.032 Employment of Relatives (Nepotism) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C9-4.033 Political Activity (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C9-4.035 Employee Debt Collection (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C9-4.036 Personnel Records; Limited Access 7/31/1997
Rule file 6C9-4.1010 University of North Florida; Personnel Records - Limited Access 1/5/2004
Rule file 6C9-4.1011 University of North Florida; Faculty Assignment and Evaluation (Repealed) 6/21/2011