Rule Chapter: 6C8-6
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 6C8-6.001 Contracts and Grants (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C8-6.004 Commercial Solicitation and Advertising on Campus (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C8-6.005 Registration of Non-student Organizations (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C8-6.006 Donations to the University (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C8-6.007 Collection of Funds Owed to the University by Its Employees (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C8-6.010 Tuition Fees Schedule (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C8-6.014 Application Fee and Admissions Deposit (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C8-6.090 Investment of Agency and Activity Funds (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C8-6.100 Direct Support Organizations 5/8/2003