Rule Chapter: 6C6-2
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 6C6-2.005 Use of Facilities (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C6-2.011 Career Service Work Standards, Violations of Work Standards, and Disciplinary Actions (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C6-2.013 Grievance Procedure for Career Service Employees (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C6-2.016 Disruptive Conduct (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C6-2.019 University Procedures Relating to Suspension, Termination, and Other Disciplinary Action for Non-Unit Faculty (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C6-2.020 University Procedures Relating to Non-Renewal of Non-Tenured Status, Non-Unit Faculty Appointments (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C6-2.028 University Holidays (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C6-2.029 Grievance Process for Employees Not Covered by a Bargaining Unit (Repealed) 6/21/2011