Rule Chapter: 6C4-6
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 6C4-6.0021 Student Code of Conduct (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C4-6.011 Counseling Center for Human Development Services (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C4-6.012 Financial Aid (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C4-6.0121 Financial Aid Administration, Distribution and Use of Financial Aid Resources (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C4-6.013 University Residence Halls (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C4-6.0161 Tampa Campus Student Health Center Services (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C4-6.0162 Health Insurance for International Students and Research Scholars (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C4-6.017 Registration and Conduct of Student Organizations (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C4-6.018 Use of University of South Florida Riverfront Park (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C4-6.020 Use of Marshall Center and Special Events Center Facilities and Equipment (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C4-6.026 Distribution of Material and Solicitation on Campus (Repealed) 6/21/2011
Rule file 6C4-6.028 Student Government Associations (Repealed) 6/21/2011