Rule Chapter: 6A-3
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 6A-3.001 Basic Principles for Transportation of Students 11/15/1994
Rule file 6A-3.003 Certification as to Specifications of School Buses 11/21/2023
Rule file 6A-3.006 Pool Purchase Plan for Purchase of Equipment and Contractual Needs; Department of Management Services, Division of Purchasing Authorized to Negotiate Contracts 4/25/2017
Rule file 6A-3.0121 Responsibility of School District and Parents or Guardians for Students Who Are Transported at Public Expense 11/23/2022
Rule file 6A-3.0141 Employment of School Bus Operators 11/23/2021
Rule file 6A-3.0151 School Bus Driver Physical Examination and Medical Examiners Certificate (Repealed) 3/23/2016
Rule file 6A-3.016 Responsibilities of Deputy Commissioner for Finance and Operations for Student Transportation (Repealed) 4/25/2017
Rule file 6A-3.0171 Responsibilities of School Districts for Student Transportation 11/23/2021
Rule file 6A-3.0291 Specifications for New School Buses (Repealed) 8/20/2017
Rule file 6A-3.037 Alternate Engine Fuels for School Buses (Repealed) 4/25/2017