Rule Chapter: 6A-25
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 6A-25.001 Incorporation by Reference 2/19/2019
Rule file 6A-25.002 Definitions 5/14/2012
Rule file 6A-25.003 Informed Choice (Repealed) 8/20/2017
Rule file 6A-25.004 Referral and Application Process 5/14/2012
Rule file 6A-25.005 Assessment for Determining Eligibility 5/14/2012
Rule file 6A-25.006 Ability to Serve All Eligible Individuals and Order of Selection for Services 10/18/2018
Rule file 6A-25.007 Individualized Plan for Employment 2/19/2019
Rule file 6A-25.008 Authorization for Services 10/1/2019
Rule file 6A-25.009 Scope of Vocational Rehabilitation Services 10/18/2018
Rule file 6A-25.010 Comparable Services and Benefits (Repealed) 8/20/2017
Rule file 6A-25.011 Division Determinations, Review Procedures 2/19/2019
Rule file 6A-25.012 Confidentiality and Release of consumer Information Records 5/14/2012
Rule file 6A-25.013 Physical and Mental Restoration Services 5/14/2012
Rule file 6A-25.014 Vocational and Other Training Services 10/1/2019
Rule file 6A-25.015 Building Modifications 5/14/2012
Rule file 6A-25.016 Rehabilitation Technology Services 5/14/2012
Rule file 6A-25.017 Case Closure 5/14/2012
Rule file 6A-25.018 Recovery from Third Parties 5/14/2012
Rule file 6A-25.019 Forms and Documents 10/1/2019
Rule file 6A-25.020 Florida Endowment for Vocational Rehabilitation (Direct-Support Organization for Vocational Rehabilitation) 5/23/2023
Rule file 6A-25.021 Service Provider Registration and Quality Assurance Requirements 2/20/2024