Rule Chapter: 6A-18
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 6A-18.040 Definitions 8/24/2016
Rule file 6A-18.0401 Federal Regulations Adopted by Reference 10/18/2018
Rule file 6A-18.041 Establishment of Vending Facilities 8/24/2016
Rule file 6A-18.042 Issuance of License 10/18/2018
Rule file 6A-18.0421 Conditions for Termination of a L.O.F.A.; Suspension or Revocation of License 10/18/2018
Rule file 6A-18.0422 Emergency Removal of a Vendor from a Vending Facility 8/24/2016
Rule file 6A-18.0423 Grievance Procedure 8/24/2016
Rule file 6A-18.0424 Announcement of Vending Facility Vacancies 8/24/2016
Rule file 6A-18.0425 Application and Selection 8/24/2016
Rule file 6A-18.043 The State Committee of Vendors 8/24/2016
Rule file 6A-18.044 Licensed Operator Facility Agreement 8/24/2016
Rule file 6A-18.045 Newspaper Vending Sales 10/18/2018
Rule file 6A-18.046 Incorporation by Reference 2/20/2024
Rule file 6A-18.047 Forms and Instructions 6/28/1983
Rule file 6A-18.048 Solicitation of Funds for Blind Persons (Repealed) 4/25/2017
Rule file 6A-18.049 General Description of Services and Procedures 8/20/2017
Rule file 6A-18.050 Transportation (Transferred) 2/13/1984
Rule file 6A-18.051 Exit Review Panel (Transferred) 2/13/1984
Rule file 6A-18.052 The Individualized Plan for Vocational Rehabilitation 2/13/1998
Rule file 6A-18.053 Determination That a Client Has Been Rehabilitated (Repealed) 8/20/2017