Rule Chapter: 69W-700
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69W-700.001 Registration of Securities 8/8/2021
Rule file 69W-700.002 Filing of Prospectus 11/25/2019
Rule file 69W-700.003 Content of Prospectus 9/20/1982
Rule file 69W-700.004 Circulation of Preliminary Prospectuses 10/26/1997
Rule file 69W-700.005 Promoters Equity Investment Ratio 9/22/2014
Rule file 69W-700.006 Voting Rights 9/22/2014
Rule file 69W-700.007 Options or Warrants Granted Underwriters 9/22/2014
Rule file 69W-700.008 Options and Warrants to Officers, Employees and Others 9/22/2014
Rule file 69W-700.009 Escrow of Proceeds from Sale of Securities 9/20/1982
Rule file 69W-700.010 Preferred Stock or Debt Securities 11/15/2016
Rule file 69W-700.011 Fractional Undivided Interest in Oil and Gas Titles 10/26/1997
Rule file 69W-700.012 Oil and Gas Participation Plans 9/20/1982
Rule file 69W-700.013 Insurance Company Licenses 9/20/1982
Rule file 69W-700.014 Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) 9/22/2014
Rule file 69W-700.015 Offering Price of Equity Securities 9/22/2014
Rule file 69W-700.018 Signing Required - Consents and Consents of Experts (Repealed) 7/2/2012
Rule file 69W-700.019 Submission of Sales Reports 10/29/2012
Rule file 69W-700.020 Termination Date of Registration, Prospectuses not to be Used After Certain Date 9/20/1982
Rule file 69W-700.021 Independent Transfer Agent and/or Registrar 9/20/1982
Rule file 69W-700.022 Amendments Subsequent to Effectiveness 9/20/1982
Rule file 69W-700.024 Submission of Final Documents (Repealed) 7/2/2012
Rule file 69W-700.026 Unsound Financial Condition 9/22/2014
Rule file 69W-700.027 Loans and Other Affiliated Transactions 11/30/1997
Rule file 69W-700.028 Small Corporate Offering Registration (Repealed) 9/22/2014