Rule Chapter: 69W-500
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69W-500.001 Integration of Section 517.061, F.S.; Offers and Sales 7/31/1991
Rule file 69W-500.004 Computation of Number of Purchasers for Purposes of Section 517.061(11), F.S 10/29/2012
Rule file 69W-500.005 Disclosure Requirements of Section 517.061(11)(a)3., F.S 9/22/2014
Rule file 69W-500.006 Commissions and Compensation Payable in Connection with an Offering Exempted Pursuant to Section 517.061(11), F.S 7/31/1991
Rule file 69W-500.007 General Solicitation or General Advertising in Connection with an Offering Exempted Under Section 517.061(11), F.S 10/29/2012
Rule file 69W-500.008 Unsolicited Purchase or Sale of Securities Pursuant to Section 517.061(13), F.S 9/22/2014
Rule file 69W-500.010 Recognized Manuals of Securities 1/17/2021
Rule file 69W-500.011 Registration of Issuer Under Section 517.061(11), F.S., as Dealer 11/15/2016
Rule file 69W-500.012 Exemption/Charitable Contributions to Pooled Income Funds 9/22/2014
Rule file 69W-500.013 Exemption/Mobile Home Parks/Limited Purpose Stock Offering 10/29/2012
Rule file 69W-500.014 Court Approved Transactions 3/29/1992
Rule file 69W-500.015 Exemption for Offers and Sales of Securities of Foreign Issuers to Non-U.S. Persons in Offshore Transactions 9/22/2014
Rule file 69W-500.016 Exemption for Issuers of Section 4(a)(2) Offerings 9/22/2014
Rule file 69W-500.017 Compensatory Benefit Plan Exemption 9/22/2014
Rule file 69W-500.018 Exemption for the Offer or Sale of a Single-Share Stock Certificate as a Gift 4/16/2009