Rule Chapter: 69V-559
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69V-559.1000 Disciplinary Guidelines 1/18/2021
Rule file 69V-559.1012 Adoption of Forms 2/15/2023
Rule file 69V-559.1013 Electronic Filing of Forms and Fees 1/18/2021
Rule file 69V-559.102 Application or Appointment Procedures and Requirement 1/18/2021
Rule file 69V-559.1021 Application Evaluation 1/18/2021
Rule file 69V-559.103 Application for Branch Offices and Appointment of Authorized Vendors 1/18/2021
Rule file 69V-559.104 Changes to License Information 1/18/2021
Rule file 69V-559.105 Application for Extension 1/18/2021
Rule file 69V-559.200 Operation of the Financial Technology Sandbox 1/18/2021
Rule file 69V-559.201 Bi-Annual Reports 1/18/2021
Rule file 69V-559.300 Net Worth, Bond, and Liquid Assets 2/15/2023
Rule file 69V-559.800 Conclusion of Sandbox Period and Business Operations 1/18/2021