Rule Chapter: 69U-140
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69U-140.002 Applications 1/1/2018
Rule file 69U-140.003 Principles of Adequate Supervision of an International Banking Corporation's Foreign Establishments 1/1/2018
Rule file 69U-140.004 Application for the Establishment of Separate International Banking Agencies by a Qualified International Banking Corporation (Repealed) 1/2/2018
Rule file 69U-140.0045 Interim Operational Plans 1/1/2018
Rule file 69U-140.005 Surrender of License 1/1/2018
Rule file 69U-140.006 Investment Services 1/1/2018
Rule file 69U-140.008 Permissible Activities for an International Bank Agency 1/1/2018
Rule file 69U-140.015 Capital Equivalency or Asset Maintenance 1/1/2018
Rule file 69U-140.016 Capital Accounts and Capital Ratio Standards 1/1/2018
Rule file 69U-140.017 Acceptances 1/1/2018
Rule file 69U-140.018 Minimum Audit Procedures - International Bank Agencies 1/1/2018
Rule file 69U-140.019 Financial Reports 1/1/2018
Rule file 69U-140.020 Semiannual Assessment 1/2/2014
Rule file 69U-140.022 Service of Process (Repealed) 1/2/2018
Rule file 69U-140.023 Reciprocity 1/1/2018
Rule file 69U-140.120 Examination Fees 1/1/2018