Rule Chapter: 69O-196
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69O-196.001 Standard Cancellation Notice 7/27/1995
Rule file 69O-196.002 Notice of Intent to Cancel to be Mailed 7/27/1995
Rule file 69O-196.004 Determination of Net Worth of Premium Finance Companies 12/24/1974
Rule file 69O-196.005 Filing Surety Bond in Lieu of Net Worth 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-196.006 Filing Other Acceptable Collateral in Lieu of Net Worth 7/27/1995
Rule file 69O-196.007 Annual Reports 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-196.008 Failure to Comply (Repealed) 1/28/2013
Rule file 69O-196.009 Other Reports and Corrective Action Plans 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-196.010 Refunds 6/8/2005
Rule file 69O-196.015 Forms Incorporated by Reference 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-196.020 Premium Financing of Products Not Regulated by the Insurance Code and Related Unfair Trade Practices Prohibited 8/29/1999
Rule file 69O-196.021 Disclosure Requirements for Insurance Coverages Financed With Personal Injury Protection 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-196.022 Maximum Financing Requirements 12/27/1994
Rule file 69O-196.023 Insurance Agent Penalties 12/27/1994
Rule file 69O-196.025 Statement of Account; Receipts 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-196.028 Cancellation of Insurance Contract Upon Default 7/27/1995
Rule file 69O-196.030 Definitions 7/27/1995
Rule file 69O-196.035 Required Books and Records 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-196.038 Limit on Additional $20 Service Charge 7/27/1995