Rule Chapter: 69O-191
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69O-191.021 Scope (Repealed) 9/28/2022
Rule file 69O-191.024 Definitions for the Purposes of These Rules 10/10/2000
Rule file 69O-191.027 Application for Certificate of Authority 9/28/2022
Rule file 69O-191.028 Standards for Fingerprint Cards for New Applicants and Acquisition Applications (Repealed) 9/28/2022
Rule file 69O-191.029 Maintaining Eligibility for Certificate of Authority 5/7/2018
Rule file 69O-191.030 Governing Body 8/15/1994
Rule file 69O-191.033 Standards for Subscriber Contracts 10/10/2000
Rule file 69O-191.035 Co-Payments 8/15/2002
Rule file 69O-191.037 Mandatory Coverage of Diabetes Treatment 7/31/2002
Rule file 69O-191.039 Certificate and Member Handbook Standards 5/28/1992
Rule file 69O-191.042 Reasons for Cancellation of Eligibility of a Subscriber Member 5/28/1992
Rule file 69O-191.045 Newborn and Adopted Children Coverage 5/28/1992
Rule file 69O-191.049 Services of Specified Non-Contracted Hospital Based Physician Providers 5/28/1992
Rule file 69O-191.051 Filing, Approval of Subscriber Contract and Related Forms 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-191.054 Rates 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-191.0545 Healthy Lifestyle Rebate 1/12/2006
Rule file 69O-191.055 Actuarial Memorandum and Definitions 1/3/2021
Rule file 69O-191.057 Standards for Marketing 5/28/1992
Rule file 69O-191.059 Sales and Marketing Procedures for HMOs Regarding Medicare Subscribers 5/28/1992
Rule file 69O-191.060 Form and Content of Advertisements 5/28/1992
Rule file 69O-191.063 Advertisement Enforcement Procedures 5/28/1992
Rule file 69O-191.069 Insurance - General Liability and Medical Malpractice/Professional Liability 5/28/1992
Rule file 69O-191.072 Reinsurance (Excess Loss Insurance) (Repealed) 1/1/1999
Rule file 69O-191.074 Records Retention 8/15/2019
Rule file 69O-191.075 Annual and Quarterly Reports 9/28/2022
Rule file 69O-191.076 Corrective Action Plans 8/15/2019
Rule file 69O-191.078 Subscriber Grievance Procedure 8/15/2019
Rule file 69O-191.085 Fees 9/28/2022
Rule file 69O-191.088 Surplus Notes 10/25/1989
Rule file 69O-191.090 Cash Management Systems 5/28/1992
Rule file 69O-191.091 Guaranteeing Organizations 5/28/1992
Rule file 69O-191.094 Change of Name 5/28/1992
Rule file 69O-191.095 Change of Address 5/28/1992
Rule file 69O-191.097 Change of Ownership (Repealed) 9/28/2022
Rule file 69O-191.100 Operational HMOs; Issuance of Certificate 2/22/1988
Rule file 69O-191.105 Individual Subscriber Enrollment Procedures 5/28/1992
Rule file 69O-191.107 Prescribed Forms (Repealed) 9/28/2022
Rule file 69O-191.300 Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Penalty Categories 1/7/2001