Rule Chapter: 69O-188
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69O-188.001 Purpose 3/28/1989
Rule file 69O-188.002 Scope 3/28/1989
Rule file 69O-188.010 Rating Plan: Discounts, Credits, Surcharges 8/15/1991
Rule file 69O-188.020 Purpose 12/17/1990
Rule file 69O-188.021 Definitions 12/17/1990
Rule file 69O-188.022 Filing of the Commercial Self-Insurance Fund Experience Reporting Form 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-188.023 Filing of the Annual Statement by Commercial Self-Insurance Funds 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-188.024 Deficiency/Assessment Procedure 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-188.025 Assessment Calculation 12/17/1990
Rule file 69O-188.026 Notice Requirement 12/17/1990
Rule file 69O-188.027 Excess Funds 12/17/1990
Rule file 69O-188.028 Additional Provisions 12/17/1990