Rule Chapter: 69O-157
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69O-157.001 Purpose 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.002 Applicability and Scope 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.003 Definition of Terms 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.004 Out-of-State Group Long-Term Care Insurance 9/16/2008
Rule file 69O-157.005 Qualified Right of Renewal 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.006 Pre-existing Conditions 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.007 Conditions of Eligibility 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.008 Nonduplication of Coverage Provisions 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.009 Minimum Coverage 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.010 Conversion or Continuation Privilege 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.011 Waiting Period 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.012 Exclusions, Limitations, Reductions 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.013 Elimination Period 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.014 Recurrent Utilization 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.015 Extension of Benefits 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.016 Requirements for Replacement 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.017 Prior Institutionalization 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.018 Right to Return Policy - Free Look (Repealed) 1/28/2013
Rule file 69O-157.019 Long-term Care Policies - Statements Required 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.020 Outline of Coverage 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.021 Certificate 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.022 Loss Ratio Requirements 5/17/1989
Rule file 69O-157.023 Reporting 1/4/2024
Rule file 69O-157.101 Purpose 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.102 Applicability and Scope 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.103 Definitions 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.104 Policy Practices and Provisions 9/16/2008
Rule file 69O-157.105 Refund of Premium (Repealed) 1/28/2013
Rule file 69O-157.106 Required Disclosure Provisions 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.107 Required Disclosure of Rating Practices to Consumers 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.108 Initial Filing Requirements 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.109 Prohibition Against Post-Claims Underwriting 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.110 Requirements for Application Forms and Replacement Coverage 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.1100 Requirements for Exchange of Coverage 8/1/2007
Rule file 69O-157.111 Reporting Requirements 1/4/2024
Rule file 69O-157.112 Reserve Standards 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.113 Premium Rate Schedule Increases 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.114 Filing Requirement - Out of State Groups 9/16/2008
Rule file 69O-157.115 Filing Requirements for Advertising 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.1155 Producer Training 8/1/2007
Rule file 69O-157.116 Suitability 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.117 Prohibition Against Preexisting Conditions and Probationary Periods in Replacement Policies or Certificates 9/16/2008
Rule file 69O-157.118 Nonforfeiture Benefit Requirement 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.119 Additional Standards for Benefit Triggers for Qualified Long-Term Care Insurance Contracts 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.120 Standard Format Outline of Coverage 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.121 Requirement to Deliver Shopper's Guide 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.122 Penalties 1/13/2003
Rule file 69O-157.201 Standards for Approved Long-Term Care Partnership Program Policies 8/1/2007
Rule file 69O-157.301 Rate Increase Standards 11/1/2007
Rule file 69O-157.302 Facility Only Rates (Repealed) 11/3/2015
Rule file 69O-157.303 Home Health Care Only Rates (Repealed) 11/3/2015
Rule file 69O-157.304 Comprehensive Only Rates (Repealed) 11/3/2015