Rule Chapter: 69O-144
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69O-144.001 Purpose (Repealed) 9/13/2022
Rule file 69O-144.002 Reinsurance Application Procedures 1/4/2024
Rule file 69O-144.005 Credit for Reinsurance; Accredited Reinsurers 9/13/2022
Rule file 69O-144.006 Credit for Reinsurance: Reinsurers Maintaining Trust Funds 9/13/2022
Rule file 69O-144.007 Credit for Reinsurance from Certified Reinsurers 9/13/2022
Rule file 69O-144.009 Credit for Reinsurance: Other Requirements and Provisions 9/13/2022
Rule file 69O-144.010 Accounting Requirements: Life and Health Reinsurance Agreements 10/13/2002
Rule file 69O-144.011 Credit for Reinsurance from Reinsurers Domiciled in Reciprocal Jurisdictions 9/13/2022
Rule file 69O-144.012 Term and Universal Life Insurance Reserve Financing 9/13/2022