Rule Chapter: 69O-124
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69O-124.001 Definitions 12/24/1974
Rule file 69O-124.002 Rights of Borrower 12/24/1974
Rule file 69O-124.010 Substitution of Policies 12/24/1974
Rule file 69O-124.011 Renewals; Selection and Approval 12/24/1974
Rule file 69O-124.013 Statement of Anti-coercion; Form 12/24/1974
Rule file 69O-124.014 Continuous or Prepaid Policies 12/24/1974
Rule file 69O-124.015 Lender, Insurance Information 12/24/1974
Rule file 69O-124.016 Title Insurance 12/24/1974
Rule file 69O-124.021 Purpose 11/24/1985
Rule file 69O-124.022 Scope 11/24/1985
Rule file 69O-124.023 Qualification for Student Loan Not Contingent on Purchase of Insurance from Insurance Company 11/24/1985
Rule file 69O-124.024 Disclosure Form 11/24/1985
Rule file 69O-124.025 Readability of Statement 11/24/1985