Rule Chapter: 69L-6
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69L-6.007 Compensation Notice 8/22/2022
Rule file 69L-6.009 Forms and Instructions 9/4/2013
Rule file 69L-6.012 Notice of Election to Be Exempt 7/18/2023
Rule file 69L-6.015 Record Maintenance and Production Requirements for Employers 3/21/2017
Rule file 69L-6.018 Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors 3/26/2003
Rule file 69L-6.019 Policies and Endorsements Covering Employees Engaged in Work in Florida 10/10/2012
Rule file 69L-6.021 Construction Industry Classification Codes, Descriptions, and Operations Scope of Exemption 10/11/2011
Rule file 69L-6.022 Confidentiality of Records Produced by the Division (Repealed) 2/15/2016
Rule file 69L-6.024 Subcontractors Requirement Regarding Proof of Coverage 7/21/2004
Rule file 69L-6.025 Conditional Release of Stop-Work Order and Periodic Payment Agreement 7/18/2023
Rule file 69L-6.026 F.A.C. Periodic Reports (Repealed) 11/26/2014
Rule file 69L-6.027 Penalty Calculation Worksheet 7/18/2023
Rule file 69L-6.028 Procedures for Imputing Payroll and Penalty Calculations 7/18/2023
Rule file 69L-6.029 Employer Worksites 7/18/2023
Rule file 69L-6.030 Penalties for Employers Currently in Compliance Previously Failing to Secure the Payment of Compensation 7/18/2023
Rule file 69L-6.031 Stop-Work Orders in Effect Against Successor Corporations or Business Entities 1/30/2014
Rule file 69L-6.032 Contractor Requirements For Obtaining Evidence That Subcontractors Possess Workers' Compensation Insurance or Otherwise Comply with Chapter 440, F.S. 7/18/2023
Rule file 69L-6.035 Definition of Payroll for Calculating Penalty 1/8/2017
Rule file 69L-6.036 Online Workers’ Compensation Coverage and Compliance Tutorial for 15% Penalty Reduction 7/18/2023