Rule Chapter: 69L-30
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69L-30.002 Definitions 5/18/2017
Rule file 69L-30.003 Qualifications for Expert Medical Advisor Certification and Re-Certification 5/18/2017
Rule file 69L-30.004 Application Process for Expert Medical Advisor Certification 5/18/2017
Rule file 69L-30.005 Selection of Expert Medical Advisors 3/1/2016
Rule file 69L-30.006 Temporary Expert Medical Advisors 5/18/2017
Rule file 69L-30.007 Expert Medical Advisor Responsibilities 5/18/2017
Rule file 69L-30.008 Billing and Reimbursement for Expert Medical Advisor Services 3/1/2016
Rule file 69L-30.010 Expert Medical Advisor Decertification 5/18/2017