Rule Chapter: 69K-6
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69K-6.001 Grave Spaces; Definition Limited 1/27/1981
Rule file 69K-6.0015 Definition of Established Adult Grave Space 1/8/2007
Rule file 69K-6.0016 Definition of Developed Area 6/10/2007
Rule file 69K-6.002 Care and Maintenance of Existing Cemetery 5/29/2000
Rule file 69K-6.003 Cemetery By-laws 12/27/2011
Rule file 69K-6.004 Safekeeping of Records 3/21/1995
Rule file 69K-6.005 Records 1/12/2004
Rule file 69K-6.0051 Accounts Receivable Records 5/27/1998
Rule file 69K-6.0052 Examination Work Papers 12/27/2011
Rule file 69K-6.0054 Written Contracts Required 5/27/1998
Rule file 69K-6.006 Inspection of Cemeteries 5/27/1998
Rule file 69K-6.007 Criteria for Burial; Disinterment; Reinterment 1/12/2004
Rule file 69K-6.008 Minimum Standards for Interment 3/19/1997
Rule file 69K-6.009 Identification Tags-Acceptable Materials, Locations, and Methods of Affixing 6/21/2009