Rule Chapter: 69K-21
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69K-21.001 Licensure Procedure; Consequences of Operating Prior to Licensure. 3/1/2020
Rule file 69K-21.002 Inspections. 8/8/2000
Rule file 69K-21.003 Inspection Criteria (Funeral Establishments). 11/27/2017
Rule file 69K-21.004 Fees. 6/15/2009
Rule file 69K-21.005 Display of Licenses. 3/19/2012
Rule file 69K-21.006 Retention of Contracts and Other Documents. 9/2/1991
Rule file 69K-21.007 Responsibility of Funeral Director in Charge. 3/2/2020
Rule file 69K-21.008 Notification of Change in Funeral Director in Charge. 9/3/1992
Rule file 69K-21.009 Disinterment Reporting. 3/29/1995
Rule file 69K-21.055 Notice to the Department of Mailing Address and Place of Practice of License. 1/8/1995