Rule Chapter: 69J-8
Chapter Title: Alternative Procedure for Resolution of Disputed Sinkhole Insurance Claims Add to MyFLRules Favorites
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69J-8.001 Purpose (Repealed) 12/26/2013
Rule file 69J-8.002 Definitions 12/26/2013
Rule file 69J-8.003 Neutral Evaluator Coarse Approval (Repealed) 12/26/2013
Rule file 69J-8.004 Qualification and Certification of Neutral Evaluators (Repealed) 7/27/2015
Rule file 69J-8.005 Maintenance of a List of Neutral Evaluators 12/26/2013
Rule file 69J-8.006 Notice of Program 7/27/2015
Rule file 69J-8.007 Request for Evaluation 7/27/2015
Rule file 69J-8.008 Selection of Neutral Evaluator 4/4/2016
Rule file 69J-8.009 Evaluation Process 4/4/2016
Rule file 69J-8.010 Appointment of Department Employee for Consultation for Policyholder Not Represented by an Attorney 12/26/2013
Rule file 69J-8.011 Neutral Evaluator's Report 12/26/2013