Rule Chapter: 69I-44
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69I-44.001 Intent 8/9/1983
Rule file 69I-44.002 Definitions 11/30/1994
Rule file 69I-44.003 Eligible Reclamation 11/30/1994
Rule file 69I-44.004 Recoverable Costs 1/27/1998
Rule file 69I-44.005 Competitive Procurement of Services and Commodities 11/30/1994
Rule file 69I-44.006 Records 8/9/1983
Rule file 69I-44.007 Reimbursement 11/30/1994
Rule file 69I-44.008 Reclamation Work Performed by Landowner 8/9/1983
Rule file 69I-44.009 Exhaustion of Fund 8/9/1983
Rule file 69I-44.020 Application for Refund of Taxes Paid 1/26/1999
Rule file 69I-44.021 Claim for Funds Paid to the Chief Financial Officer pursuant to Section 43.19, 732.107, 733.816 or 744.534, Florida Statutes. 7/25/2016