Rule Chapter: 69I-20
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69I-20.001 Registration (Transferred) 6/17/2015
Rule file 69I-20.0011 Full Disclosure Statement (Transferred) 4/27/2009
Rule file 69I-20.0021 Procedures for Filing Claim (Transferred) 4/20/2016
Rule file 69I-20.0022 Proof of Ownership and Entitlement to Unclaimed Property (Transferred) 4/20/2016
Rule file 69I-20.0023 Database Submissions (Transferred) 1/3/2005
Rule file 69I-20.0024 Investigation or Examination Fees (Transferred) 11/12/1991
Rule file 69I-20.0025 Shareholder Affidavit (Transferred) 11/6/1996
Rule file 69I-20.0026 Claimant Affidavit (Transferred) 10/13/2010
Rule file 69I-20.0027 Payment of Conflicting Claims (Repealed) 4/27/2009
Rule file 69I-20.0028 General Principles for Joint Ownership of Property for Accounts that are not Unclaimed Demand, Savings or Checking Accounts Formerly Held by a Financial Institution (Transferred) 4/27/2009
Rule file 69I-20.0029 Survivorship Accounts Reported by a Financial Institution (Transferred) 4/27/2009
Rule file 69I-20.0037 Reporting and Remitting Abandoned Property by Mail-in Secondhand Precious Metals Dealers (Transferred) 10/13/2010
Rule file 69I-20.030 Definitions (Transferred) 4/20/2016
Rule file 69I-20.034 Report of Unclaimed Property (Transferred) 4/20/2016
Rule file 69I-20.035 Reporting Safe Deposit Box Contents (Transferred) 1/3/2005
Rule file 69I-20.036 Remitting of Safe Deposit Box Contents and Reimbursement of Expenses (Transferred) 1/3/2005
Rule file 69I-20.038 Late Annual Report(s), Late Payment(s), and Late Delivery of Abandoned Property (Transferred) 4/20/2016
Rule file 69I-20.040 Written Notice (Transferred) 4/20/2016
Rule file 69I-20.041 Bureau of Unclaimed Property Reporting Instructions (Transferred) 4/20/2016
Rule file 69I-20.050 Voluntary Disclosure Agreements, Examinations and Audits (Transferred) 4/27/2009
Rule file 69I-20.071 Purpose (Transferred) 1/3/2005
Rule file 69I-20.072 Penalty Guideline Definitions (Transferred) 1/3/2005
Rule file 69I-20.073 Calculating Penalty (Transferred) 1/3/2005
Rule file 69I-20.074 Prosecutorial Discretion (Transferred) 1/3/2005
Rule file 69I-20.075 Stated Penalty Guidelines for Violation of Sections 717.1322 and 717.1341, F.S., by Registrants (Transferred) 1/3/2005
Rule file 69I-20.076 Stated Penalty Guidelines for Violation of Sections 717.1322 and 717.1341, F.S., by Persons Who Are Not Registrants (Transferred) 1/3/2005
Rule file 69I-20.077 Criminal Proceedings (Transferred) 1/3/2005
Rule file 69I-20.078 Aggravating and Mitigating Factors (Transferred) 1/3/2005
Rule file 69I-20.079 Time for Payment of Administrative Fines and Costs (Transferred) 1/3/2005
Rule file 69I-20.080 Minor Violations (Transferred) 1/3/2005
Rule file 69I-20.090 Orders or Settlements Requiring Restitution (Transferred) 10/13/2010