Rule Chapter: 69B-227
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69B-227.110 Purpose 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.120 Scope 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.130 Definitions 3/31/2016
Rule file 69B-227.140 Providers 3/31/2016
Rule file 69B-227.150 Supervising Instructor for Bail Bond Agent Courses and School Officials 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.160 Instructors 3/31/2016
Rule file 69B-227.170 Courses 3/31/2016
Rule file 69B-227.180 Course Offering and Attendance Records 3/31/2016
Rule file 69B-227.190 Certification of Students 3/31/2016
Rule file 69B-227.200 Attendance (Repealed) 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.210 Postsecondary Courses 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.220 Examinations (Repealed) 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.230 Refund of Student Course Fees 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.240 Facilities 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.250 Advertising 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.260 Study Aids 3/31/2016
Rule file 69B-227.270 Prohibited Practices (Repealed) 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.280 Falsification of Reports (Repealed) 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.290 Forms and Submission of Forms through the Education Database 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.300 Transition Time in the Event of Rule Changes (Repealed) 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.310 Grounds for Disapproval, Suspension, or Revocation of Approval of a Provider, School Official, Supervising Instructor, or Instructor; Other Penalties 3/31/2016
Rule file 69B-227.320 Curriculum Standards for Special Designation 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.330 Timeline for Submissions 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.340 Course Audits 9/1/2014
Rule file 69B-227.350 Duration of Suspension or Revocation, and Effect of Suspension or Revocation upon Associated Authorizations 3/31/2016