Rule Chapter: 69B-221
Chapter Title: BAIL, BONDS, AND BAIL BOND AGENTS Add to MyFLRules Favorites
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69B-221.001 License Required 4/14/1997
Rule file 69B-221.003 Managing General Agents 1/22/2003
Rule file 69B-221.005 Currently Revoked, Suspended or Denied License 4/14/1997
Rule file 69B-221.006 Immigration Bonds Exclusion 7/5/2010
Rule file 69B-221.010 Temporary Orders of Suspension of Bail Bond Agents 11/13/2011
Rule file 69B-221.051 Actively Engaged in Business; Place Suitably Designated; Accessible to Public 11/6/2013
Rule file 69B-221.055 Permanent Office Records Required 1/22/2003
Rule file 69B-221.060 Notice of Change of Address 8/12/2004
Rule file 69B-221.065 Statistical Reporting Form 4/14/1997
Rule file 69B-221.070 Build-up Funds; Reporting 1/22/2003
Rule file 69B-221.075 Power of Attorney; Penal Sum of Bond; Not Applicable to Automobile Clubs (Transferred) 12/29/2013
Rule file 69B-221.080 Professional Bail Bond Agent; Justification and Sufficiency of Sureties 4/14/1997
Rule file 69B-221.085 Rate Filing; Approval; Proof 4/14/1997
Rule file 69B-221.095 Soliciting Business 1/22/2003
Rule file 69B-221.100 Terms and Conditions of Contract; Surrender Form 1/22/2003
Rule file 69B-221.105 Premium Charge Only Permitted 4/14/1997
Rule file 69B-221.110 Premium Shall Be Term Charge; Premium Refund; When 1/22/2003
Rule file 69B-221.115 Pre-numbered Receipt as Evidence of Payment 1/22/2003
Rule file 69B-221.120 Pre-numbered Receipt as Evidence of Collateral 1/22/2003
Rule file 69B-221.125 Collateral Security; Affidavit; Form 4/14/1997
Rule file 69B-221.130 Collateral Security; Statement; Form 4/14/1997
Rule file 69B-221.135 Collateral Security Requirements 4/14/1997
Rule file 69B-221.140 Indemnity Agreement; Form 1/22/2003
Rule file 69B-221.145 Use of Credit Cards and Cash Advance Facilities in Conjunction with Issuing Bail Bonds 1/22/2003
Rule file 69B-221.150 Department May Request Information 1/22/2003
Rule file 69B-221.155 Forms for Limited Surety (Bail Bond) Agents 1/6/2014