Rule Chapter: 69B-213
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69B-213.010 Purpose and Scope 7/30/2012
Rule file 69B-213.020 Definitions 7/30/2012
Rule file 69B-213.040 Who May Appoint a Customer Representative 7/30/2012
Rule file 69B-213.050 Limits on Lines and Products the Customer Representative May Handle 7/30/2012
Rule file 69B-213.060 Appointment of Customer Representative and Designation of Supervising Agent 7/30/2012
Rule file 69B-213.070 Termination of Appointment or Supervision 7/30/2012
Rule file 69B-213.080 Duties of Appointing Agent 7/30/2012
Rule file 69B-213.090 Duties of Appointing Agency 7/30/2012
Rule file 69B-213.100 Duties of Designated Supervising Agent 12/19/1993
Rule file 69B-213.110 Customer Representative's Duties 12/19/1993
Rule file 69B-213.120 Duty to Supervise Explained 12/19/1993
Rule file 69B-213.130 The Customer Representative's Authority; Limitations 12/19/1993